Nutrition Credibility and Agendas

I sometimes wonder why we are living in the age of misinformation. It seems with the rise of social media, so has the rise of opinion and partial-fact stories. I know not all things are in the category of true and false, but surely we can agree that bias, media, partial data and partial facts can get in the way of absolute truth.

If you believe in the plant-based lifestyle like I do, you start to understand how some scientific research can be manipulated to be biased. One such story was from the BBC in regards to work done by T. Colon Campbell and Caldwell B. Esselstyn where they were interviewed and led to believe that they were participating in an in-depth documentary covering topics of healthy eating, nutrition, and their prominent body of academic research. Instead, misrepresentation of their work was part of a film titled “Clean Eating – The Dirty Truth” which was about the effects of social media and “fad” diets where they tried to discredit healthy eating.

I encourage you to read their press release on the matter at

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