Meet Me

I want you to know what I know.


Todd Truman


Plant-based since September 2016. Leader in business, technology and coaching.


My Vision

What drives me is the goal to always learn more and grow.  This is true whether it is goal setting, communication, listening, careers, health and especially nutrition. What is  unique about my process is that I have been where you are at.  I had Chronic illnesses, fatigue, and lack of knowledge. I can help you find your way, navigate the aisles of choice, and set forth rules and a path to follow so you can own your nutrition.

My Approach

Everyone has a different starting point.  Some need guidance and some need motivation.  Others just need a system to follow where they can feel empowered and do what they set out to do. I can help you find your goals and help you achieve them.  I will share what I know about nutrition, life setting, and techniques to help you grow and be healthy.

My Story

I am in my 50s.  Since high school I had steadily put on weight. According to the BMI scale, I was listed as morbidly obese, but I felt good enough and bought larger clothes. Then the Dr. told me I had diabetes.  I went to a diabetes class to learn how to eat. After several years, the diabetes was not better and now I had issues with my stomach acid and cholesterol. The years passed and I finally decided I was going to find out what I was doing wrong. I found plant-based nutrition.  The more I researched and learned, the more I knew I had found the answer and it was there the whole time.  The first four months, I dropped 20 pounds and stopped all of my medications.  I have learned about myself, being a human, and how to succeed.  Let me show you how to own your nutrition.

Next Steps...

If you would like more information plant-based nutrition, recipe ideas, learning how to read food labels, understand how food affects you, grocery shopping techniques, or personalized mentoring, it is time to say "I want to Own My Nutrition!"