Why a Plant-based Lifestyle?

Did you know that there is evidence that a plant-based diet has been identified as a key  factor to prevent and even reverse chronic illness? The Western diet is full of unhealthy products and getting back to what nature provides can make a difference. A plant-based diet may help to get you off of medications and provide an alternative to costly surgeries.

I started my journey in 2006 when I was diagnosed with diabetes. I followed the medical recommendations with little improvement until I started investigating how I ate.  I changed to a plant-based diet in September of 2016 and the difference is shocking! I feel better, have more energy, my life is better and I am off my medications for diabetes, cholesterol, and GERD.

I wanted to learn the most I could, so I received a plant-based nutrition certificate from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies.



Next Steps...

If you would like more information plant-based nutrition, recipe ideas, learning how to read food labels, understand how food affects you, grocery shopping techniques, or personalized mentoring, it is time to say "I want to Own My Nutrition!"